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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bags and Crickets 

A few years back when my son was in Gr. 11, he and a friend had to do an 'experiment' for Biology. I'm not sure I ever fully understood just what said 'experiment' was, but our home became home to 2 of these guys. His (our) two Chinese Fire Bellied Toads are affectionately called Clive and Daphne.

Clive and Daphne dine on live crickets. Every week or so, we stock up on a dozen or so crickets and keep them in a plastic bag on top of the piano next to the toads. Sometimes we hit upon a chirpy bunch of crickets and I find it hard to plunk them into the toads habitat, knowing full well that within seconds the chirping will end when either Clive or Daphne pounce (yes, toads pounce) and chomp down on the poor cricket.

This week we had an exceptionally noisy bunch of crickets. It was actually quite nice though, because I could sit in the living room and while working on my crafts, I felt like I was actually out in the great outdoors. I even held off feeding the toads as many crickets as I normally would because I was enjoying the chirping.

Last night one of the crickets chewed his way to freedom. While sitting in the living room with #5, the pitch of the chirping seemed different. Not only a different pitch, but a different source location. The vocal cricket wasn't serenading us from atop the piano, it was in the kitchen. Chirping so loudly and joyously as if to say..I'm free, I'm free. We followed the sound of the deliriously happy cricket to under the fridge. Whenever we came close, he'd chirp a little quieter and when we shone a light under the fridge, he stopped completely. I could just imagine him scrunching himself behind a dust bunny and waiting until we went away. His chirping has stopped now. He's either moved on or he suffocated in the dust bunnies under the fridge.

Lessons learned... 1) Don't hang on to a cricket just because you like the sound he makes. You make not like where he ends up making the sound from. 2) Clean under the fridge more often. 3) Don't let your kids bring living creatures into your house for science experiments, because when they move out the animal stays behind.

On a crafting note... here is the knitting bag. Complete and ready to go to the backtack recipient. Well almost ready. I still have to finish a pouch that I'm part way through and I'm waiting for an order from knitpicks of some 'dye it yourself' yarn.

Also, an experiment with the Chinese Takeout Box. This one is a little on the small side and I've since made a larger one. I'm still debating whether or not to send either of them or toss them into the 'experiment that didn't work' pile.

If you're in Backtack II and green is one of your favourites, then these might be for you.



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