5 And A Beagle

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Teeth and Tiny Babies 

I have sensitive teeth.

from Andertoon Cartoons

#5 has braces. Yesterday she had her regular monthly check-up and as an added bonus, she had an adjustment done to the braces on her lower teeth. For the past 36 plus hours we've been listening to the constant refrain - "my teeth hurt!" I've offered tylenol, compresses, popsicles, broth, a conk on the head, but there doesn't seem to be anything that will stop the pain, nor the complaining. I sure hope the pain lessens by tomorrow because she is one unhappy little camper.

And what's a mother to do when her little one won't be consoled? Why, hide outside and take pictures of a finished knitted object.

Fingerless gloves from

Yarn: Jaeger Trinity 'corn'

Started: February 1st
Finished: February 19th

Today starts the season of Lent. Annie came up with a great idea last year and has organized it again this year, that rather than giving something up for Lent, it would be a great idea to do something for others during this season.

I had promised to send some handknit items to Ruth quite some time ago and I think now is the time to make good on my promise. If anyone can point me in the direction of a pattern for teenie booties to go with the hats I'll be making, I'd appreciate it.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy 20th Birthday 

Laura of Sugar Bunny Boulevard fame has posted lovely collages of her children on their birthdays that are so sweet. I thought I'd play copycat and do the same this year for my brood.

It's an old lament, but it's very true when you look back at the years. With each passing birthday, up comes the same thought - - "where has the time gone?"

I remember feeling VERY overwhelmed in the first month of motherhood. Worrying about whether this new baby would ever sleep when I wanted to sleep, whether I'd be able to meet all of his needs, keep him safe ... Somehow we all managed to survive those sleep deprived months.

A pretty happy go-lucky little guy,

He developed a love for hockey and lacrosse at at young age and followed his dad's footsteps into the net

His other big love next to those two sports has to be reading. One night shortly before his third birthday he asked to read me a bedtime story. I vividly remember laying in bed with him while he read me Franklin in the Dark .

While he hasn't always been 'saint' Michael and his sisters have not be 'all angels' they have had some fun times together.

He's been blessed with some very wonderful friends.
These three have been best buddies from kindergarten/grade 1, right on through.

We've been blessed with a wonderful, thoughtful, loving son.

Happy 20th birthday, big fella....love mom!


Thursday, February 01, 2007

February Family Birthdays 

This dapper little fellow made his arrival into the world at St. Paul's Hospital on this very day a certain number (we won't say how many) of years ago - only 16 days after I made my auspicious arrival at the very same hospital. As a matter of fact, we lived a mere 10 blocks apart for the first 8 months of our lives. However, it took 21 years for us to meet.

27 years and 4 days after Dad (affectionately referred to as #2) was born, #3 (also known as #1 son) arrived. Thus was the beginning of our happy family of 5 and a Beagle.

Happy Birthday today to the handsome #2, and an early happy birthday wish to the sweet (although sometimes smelly after a hockey game), #3.



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