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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And The Winner Is...... 

Thank you to all who took the time to enter the contest. I had #5 help me make up the name tags and put them into the hat for the "big" draw. Before I could cue the drum roll, she reached in, pulled out a name and declared Marina the winner.

"No, No" I declared. I wasn't ready. So we did it again and this time, Li was the winner. Well of course, I felt bad because Marina was the first name out of the hat regardless of whether I was ready or not, therefore Marina was the winner. But then Li was drawn too, so she should be the winner.

I think I'm still feeling the residual effects of a week of deadlines with T4's, schedules for the annual audit, payroll, knitting olympics and 3 cans of Beaver Buzz. I can't even handle a simple draw.

I originally ordered 3 of these cute little sheep, so I'm very happy that 2 can find their new homes with Marina and Li.

Thank you also for all of your kind comments on the blanket. I used the pattern Danica from Knitty.com as my source of how to and it was really very, very easy. I must say that if I could make it all over again, I would chose to do it in pink and white, but I'm sure baby Marta will be warm and snuggly no matter the colour. The little sweetheart was born in Trento, Italy on February 21st.

Next up on the needles, a sweater and bootie set to go along with the blanket. Then it's on to some fairisle. About a week ago (right in the middle of precious olympic knitting time) I went to a fairisle workshop and was hit by the bug to knit with two hands and two strands of yarn. Starting off small with a tea cozy. Also, because one can never have too many projects on the brain, I have some plans for another entrelac. A scarf with Noro.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


It's finished. Thank God! What a day this has been. In between helping #5 work on yet another project for Egypt ($20 worth of sugar cubes later)and helping a neighbour move into her new house, I managed to get the last 'row' done.

Okay so it was completed while watching the late rerun broadcast of the closing ceremonies, but I figure that since I cast on while watching the late broadcast of the opening ceremonies, it should still count.

Ends were woven while knitting so all that was left was snipping the tails. It's just too late and tomorrow start of the week work is just too close.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Deadlines...they're going to be the death of me! 

I've been scrambling to meet the deadline for a few things at work this week and now the pressure is on to get the blanket finished by tomorrow. It's going to be a long night and I think I'll be needing the help of the unofficial beverage of the Canadian Knitting Olympic team....

getting there - 36" across and 24" long

The little guy in the photo... my dad, gazing out across the Saskatchewan prairie 74 years ago.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Slipping out of the medals? 

What was I thinking? I feel like a cross country skier entered into the 15km, who half way into it runs out of steam and thinks to themself, "You know, if only I'd trained (read swatched, calculated, THOUGHT!), I'd have realized I'm more suited to the 5km race.

This Knitting Olympics entrelac blanket is taking much longer than anticipated. I'm calculating that each "rectangle" is taking me 10 minutes and each "row" has 12 of them. Simple math... 2 hours (YES 2 HOURS!) to complete one "row". So far at day 10 I have 6.5 rows completed.

I think the blanket is getting a little anxious also. It's taken to following me to work. And it's not content to be knit only during lunch break. It pokes out of my briefcase and demands that I knit on it at long traffic lights.

Better go now, I think something pointy is poking me in the back.

Don't forget to enter the contest from the Feb 7th posting. The answer to one half of the question is right there in the picture.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day 

Not as much happening on the baby blanket as I would have liked at this point. Mainly because of grade 7 social studies projects on Egypt. Mummified Ken dolls and sugar cube pyramids.

About the only time I get to add a few stitches is at work during lunch.

Here it is transfered to circular needles - about one third of the way along the fourth row of rectangles. (What was I thinking when I started with straights)

The card....
She likes swatting a pieces of yarn and he likes chasing cars. But somehow they make it work.

Too cute!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympic Challenge 

Well, day 3 of the Olympics is over and I am just about finished the third row of rectangles on the entrelac baby blanket. Working on it has been a bit of a challenge for a few reasons. Not the least of which is trying to do anything with the dog's snout resting on the crook of my arm.

Usually he'll position himself so that his backside is facing me. I think he was feeling a little contrite after having gotten into trouble for stealing something out of my bedroom and bolting out into the back yard with it.
I'm not exactly loving this colour combination. I really wish I had gone with a pink/white or blue/white combo instead of the blue/pink. But the one nice thing is that it is knitting up as soft as the baby's bottom it's going to cover.

Tomorrow, hopefully another row while watching the ski jump.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We Now Return to Our Regular Programming 

...That is until the next camera and/or scanner meltdown.

The yarn for the entrelac baby blanket has arrived just in time for the Knitting Olympics. In hind sight, I wish I had ordered some white as well - I'm not sure I like the pink/blue combo. I think it could use white to break it up as well as provide me with the ability to make the blanket a little larger than stroller size. We'll see what I can scare up in the next 2 days. These were ordered from Knit Picks.

100% Peruvian cotton for only $2 US per skien.
And what's that in the background? Some plain old brown sock yarn for...yes, another pair of socks. And what else? Why that's a little something for a contest I figured I run this month.

Yes, it's been one year of blogging (well, it will be at the end of February) so as an excuse to get comments and e-mails, I've got a little gift for the one who leaves me the answer to the following question...

What are the colours of the two cars that I have driven in the past year?
One I borrowed from my Dad while mine was in for repairs and the other for better or worse, is mine. Each correct guess gets entered into the draw with bonus entries if you can tell me the make or model of the vehicles. Just send an e-mail to canadianedelweiss at yahoo dot ca. **OOPPS - I originally had dot COM - it should be dot CA. Thanks to Marina for pointing that out. To save you the tedious task of perusing the entire blog, you just have to go to March and October.

Winner drawn on February 28th. And what does that lucky winner receive?

A sheepish tape measure


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