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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And The Winner Is...... 

Thank you to all who took the time to enter the contest. I had #5 help me make up the name tags and put them into the hat for the "big" draw. Before I could cue the drum roll, she reached in, pulled out a name and declared Marina the winner.

"No, No" I declared. I wasn't ready. So we did it again and this time, Li was the winner. Well of course, I felt bad because Marina was the first name out of the hat regardless of whether I was ready or not, therefore Marina was the winner. But then Li was drawn too, so she should be the winner.

I think I'm still feeling the residual effects of a week of deadlines with T4's, schedules for the annual audit, payroll, knitting olympics and 3 cans of Beaver Buzz. I can't even handle a simple draw.

I originally ordered 3 of these cute little sheep, so I'm very happy that 2 can find their new homes with Marina and Li.

Thank you also for all of your kind comments on the blanket. I used the pattern Danica from Knitty.com as my source of how to and it was really very, very easy. I must say that if I could make it all over again, I would chose to do it in pink and white, but I'm sure baby Marta will be warm and snuggly no matter the colour. The little sweetheart was born in Trento, Italy on February 21st.

Next up on the needles, a sweater and bootie set to go along with the blanket. Then it's on to some fairisle. About a week ago (right in the middle of precious olympic knitting time) I went to a fairisle workshop and was hit by the bug to knit with two hands and two strands of yarn. Starting off small with a tea cozy. Also, because one can never have too many projects on the brain, I have some plans for another entrelac. A scarf with Noro.



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