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Monday, March 19, 2007

Knit-Off Round 2 KO 

I was hoping to have a picture of my finished object from round 2 but it's not going to happen. The pattern was this lace doily. After realizing I was out of the running while rounding the 200m mark in a 400m race with Nonaknits, I decided I would still finish the race and take a picture of the doily in its new roll as dishcloth. But then I came to two conclusions -

I don't need another dishcloth and I hate knitting with cotton. So out came the 30+ rounds and back into a ball went the cotton.

I had hoped to get a jump on the competition by staying up to the wee hours on Friday night/Saturday morning, but I gave up at about 2:00am when the pattern still hadn't been posted. By the time I got up on Saturday morning around 8:30, the knitters in the UK and eastern US who had been knitting while I was sleeping were finishing up.

So, back to the other projects I've been working on.

Thanks again to Julie of YarnMonkey for organizing everything and good luck to the remaining 8 knitters still in the race!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What I've Been Doing The Last Few Nights.... or ... How I Grew To Hate High School Math! 

Go ahead.... solve for w.
I'll wait.
Don't forget to show your work.

Oh, and don't forget to show your 'check' to make sure the answer's correct.

And if you keep your promise about not whining and complaining about how learning this will NEVER help you in your future, I'll keep my promise about not yelling.
PS - Send me your answer and snail mail address to canadianedelweiss at yahoo dot ca and there will be a little treat sent your way. After all, we have to dangle carrots in this household just to get co-operation, why not spread the carrots around ;)
PPS - Added later - Thank you to all of you keen numbers people!!!! No worries that we didn't have the answer here at the 'House of Math Horrors already. Somehow I, who loves working with numbers, gave birth to and raised 3 children who quite dislike working with numbers. How does that happen? Can't blame it on the Dad, because he's a numbers guy too. Math was one of my favourite subjects in school. Well, until grade 12 when a different subject (who happened to sit accross from me in math class) became my favourite subject. But that's a different subject altogether.
If there are two times when my heart skips a beat and I rush to the kitchen table, it's when the kids ask for help with their math or accounting homework. Actually, there's three times when I skip to the table. If someone has cooked dinner for me, I'm there is a flash too.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Knit Off -- or -- What Was I Thinking? 

About a month or so ago, I signed up for Knit-Off. I'm not sure why I did it, a temporary moment of insanity I'm thinking but anyways...

Last Saturday was the start and after a fitful night's sleep of tossing and turning, dreaming of knitting against the clock (I know, I need to get a life - even in my dreams!), I awoke at the crack of dawn and logged onto the computer to get the mystery pattern. It was Uniscarfity - a brioche stitch scarf.

A quick scramble to get yarn and needles and in a silent kitchen, (another aside - it's still not quite finished, but almost there) just me, my supplies and my beagle, I set off to conquer the competition.

Who knew it would be so difficult! The first attempt was a bust and a few rows in, off the needles it went. And once various members of the household woke up and multiple conversations started happening, the second, third, and fourth attempts were frogged too.

Life's necessities took precedence over knitting as the day began to unfold so the scarf was tossed aside. One last attempt was made in the evening and finally the mystery of the pattern was conquered.

Luckily (?) the group I was 'racing' against wasn't filled with keen knitters with an abundance of time on their hands because on Tuesday night, 4 days after the start and with about 8 hours of knitting time invested, I finally finished this baby. While I was initially cursing the scarf and the pattern, once I got the hang of it, I actually grew to like it. Front and back.

The next round and mystery pattern are up on March 17th and I'm going head to head with Nonaknits. I'm thinking I should just throw in the towel now.....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Google Searches 

There seems to be a run on strange google searches lately.

-Beaver Buzz
-Cutest beagle pictures ever
-Beagles doing funny stuff
-Given up beagles
-Crocheted beagle sweater
-I have a two year old beagle who's decided going to the bathroom inside is okay
-Silly beagle pictures
-Getting my beagle to dance

I'm thinking it must be that post I wrote (who knows when or if ever) where I talked about how our beagle Miles was the acting so silly that time we put Beaver Buzz in his dish. He was so cute, I only wish we had a camera to get pictures of him dancing around inside the house. It was so funny! We laughed and laughed at his antics. Then we put him into his crocheted beagle sweater and we laughed some more. Unfortunately, he had the last laugh when he woke up in the wee hours of the morning, deciding that going to the bathroom inside was okay. Out of the 5 of us, there were at least 2 that were certain they wanted to give up on the beagle!

A cute beagle picture -

And in week two of 40 days for others - more booties and hats growing in the garden

Thursday, March 01, 2007

In Between Winter & Spring 

The end of week one and we have a couple of completed items for 40 Days for Others.
I love how quickly something knits up when it's so tiny.
These were made from some left over Knitpicks sock yarn and some 'baubly' white stuff from Elann.

As you may or may not be able to tell in the picture, the crocuses are popping up in the garden, but winter hasn't completely given up yet. We had a light dusting of snow overnight.

And here are the booties again, modelled by the lovely and delicate hand of #5....
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There are a few other hats already made, needing to be sewn up and awaiting a matching pair of booties.


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