5 And A Beagle

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween ! 

Happy Halloween from the Great (beagle) Pumpkin !

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost Like Christmas 

Just a little less than 2 months until Christmas and we have one completed "Christmas in Tallinn" stocking and a second one on the needles. Each will be a gift for both the choir director and the teacher that organized and chaperoned the trip #5 took this past summer to Estonia.

Also on the march towards Christmas are two socks, sadly not yet paired off. Both in the Gentlemen's Plain Winter Sock from Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. The first using yarn from Impulse of Delight, the second from a mystery skein from the stash. Pictures don't seem to be possible given that the flash card and computer don't seem to be co-operating right now.

And finally, keeping on the theme . . . of Christmas, not socks . . . tonight #4 and I are headed off to enjoy an early Christmas present (for me) - an evening with U2! I'll try not to embarrass her by squealing with delight and singing along to the songs! :-D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pepé Le Pew strikes.....AGAIN! 

A few days ago Li of Life’s a Stitch,wrote about her little dog Gracee and her dreaded run-in with a skunk. I commented at the time that fortunately, Miles had managed to stay skunk free. This despite the fact that I think the entire Lower Mainland is rife with the smelly critters this year.

Well, of course I spoke too soon. This past Wednesday night Miles went out for his evening jaunt and as soon as the door was opened he ran straight for whatever was russling in the garden and came face to backside with Pepé Le Pew! Fortunately we had the ingredients listed in Li’s skunk deoderizing concoction and after a scrub down on the back deck, a rearranging of Miles’ sleeping accommodations, (outside instead of inside) a load of laundry and a shower for me, it was bed time for all, sometime after midnight.

He come back from his unplanned day at the local doggie groomers on Thursday evening and judging from his demeanor, I’m sure it was a little more stressful than his usual day of lounging on the daughters’ beds and barking at the mailman.

Time to add hydrogen peroxide to the grocery list so as to replenish the emergency supply under the kitchen sink for next time….because in this neighbourhood, there’s sure to be a next time…..


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 

It's turkey time here in Canada this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

From the Feet to the Head 

Three pair of socks for the traveling young men have been put on temporary hold and have been replaced by three toques.

The Laire Toque came home for a visit, so I snapped a picture.

Knit in Noro Silk - started and finished on Sept 25th. Thank you B.C. Ferries, for all that 'time on my hands'.

A second one was started the next day but due to a shortage of spare time, it wasn't finished until last Wednesday.

While driving through Parksville the other weekend, I just happened to spot a store called "The Wool Shop". Could I just drive by without stopping? Of course not! I poked around and came out with the 2 skeins of Sirdar Click which were used for this second Laire. It was quite a nice yarn to work with considering it's a 70/30 acrylic blend.

I also bought 2 skiens of Patons SWS of which only one was needed for the Hot Chilly Hat designed by Ruth of Knitting on Impluse. This is a pattern that Ruth had recently designed and I was lucky enough to get to test knit. The pattern is made up of an easy to follow stitch pattern that knits up quickly and easily and makes for a very comfortable and snug fitting toque. I'm afraid my photography skills do not do it justice however, as I can't seem to get a nice picture of the stitch detail .... not to mention the mirror shot ....


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