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Sunday, January 13, 2008

One Bag Full, Two Warm Feet 

May I present…..

The first finished item of the new year.

Pattern: Anntrelac Socks – Interweave Holiday 2007
Yarn: Socks That Rock – 2007 sock club December colourway (which I can’t for the life of me remember the colour name or the fibre content)
Started: Dec 27, 2007
Finished: Jan 13, 2008
Could it be I’m turning over a new leaf of only working on one project at a time and seeing it through to completion? Hah, not likely.

I followed the pattern with the exception of adding a little slip one ribbing on the bottom of the sock.
This gives a slightly snugger fit and provides a wee bit of cushioning on the ball of the foot. Love the pattern, however the photo tends to make it look like I have very large ankles… or cankles as #4 likes to call them.

Next on the needles a simple scarf for #5. How simple? Too simple! She’s requested a cream coloured scarf along the lines of this one only… skip the cabling. Yes, that’s right, skip the cabling. That means K2, P2, K2, purl middle _ _ stitches and K2, P2, K2. I’m not sure I can stay awake for this one. It doesn’t seem right that the most outgoing, adventurous one of the bunch of us (except for the beagle, he’s up for any adventure), wants such a PLAIN scarf.

This is the same young lady who when only a mere 5 years old got on a shuttle bus filled with twenty-somethings, music blaring, everyone having a great time in the Penticton summer sun, and started dancing to the music while her older brother and sister slunk down in their seats with fingers stuffed in their ears. The same girl who when at the age of 6 went on her first ride on the inner-tube at the back of the motor boat and when told the hand signals for slow, fast and stop, couldn’t stop smiling and giving the thumbs up to go faster. The same kid that goes on any and every wild ride at the fair. This is the girl that wants a plain cream scarf with no cables. Sigh.

After that however, I’ll have plenty to choose from with all of the goodies that #5 and I picked up at the ‘boxing day’ sale last week at 3 Bags Full.

I had received a very generous gift certificate from my brother and his girlfriend at Christmas and I’m sure I wouldn’t have gone over the value if it weren’t for the fact that there was at least a 1 hour line that snaked past all the lovely yarn in the shop on the way to the cash register. How can you pass up the buttery soft Blue Sky Alpaca on sale for 30% off. I ended up adding 6 skeins of assorted colours before I hit the end of the line. Plus 4 more skeins of assorted Noro. Oh, and 2 skeins of Indigo Moon. I came out with One Bag Full, but there was definitely a Three there….the Three numbers before the decimal point on the bill. I won’t give the specifics, because as I said to #5 beside me at the cash register…. “What happens in the yarn shop, stays in the yarn shop!”

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