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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This Post Brought to You by the Letter S 

Still stuck in a sock ‘rut’.

Sock Wars started on Oct 13th and while I can’t whip throught a pair in 3 days under normal circumstances, I pushed these off the needles on Monday.
For those that care...
(Pattern: The Scar Sock for Sock Wars 2007
Yarn: Socks that Rock Silkie
Colourway: Walkin' on the Wild Tide)

This sock is sitting, like an ancient ruin, on my kitchen table. Socks that Rock - Solstice Step for another one of #4’s friends.

I remember the mothers of a few of my high-school friends - -

One a very conservative, bridge playing mother of 4 – kind of a June Cleaver of the 70’s. Another, a laid back, All My Children watching mother of 3 with a dry wit and a big heart. And yet another liberal minded mother of 3 who, if there were mini-vans and soccer moms in the 70’s, she’d have been one.

I can only imagine what I’ll be recalled as. A crazy sock knitting mother of 3, who swears like a trucker when pushed to the edge, with a house and van in constant need of a visit from ‘what’s their names’ from “How Clean is Your House?”.

In an attempt to divert myself from knitting in circles, I’ve signed up for a short yet sweet three night class at 3 Bags Full. Lace knitting with the wonderfully calming and relaxing (and very talented) Sivia Harding. Here, still keeping in the S theme, the Gothic Leaf Scarf.

And finally, for simplicity – squares (of which I have not pictures) for Michaela’s blanket project.

I received a skein of absolutely beautiful laceweight yarn from blogless? blog-free? Ivana, whom I’ve had the good fortune of meeting because of this blog. I’ve got my eye on a pattern that has yet to be published. Moonshadow. Gorgeous the way it curves and flows with the stitches. It’s a stole, so it appears I won’t be leaving the letter S anytime soon.

And yet another special treat has come in my front door. I recently won a prize in Suzanne’s contest …. any guesses?

Yes, sock yarn. This is destined to be a pair of bright, cheery socks for my cold feet.

Thanks to Ivana and Suzanne for keeping me in lovely yarns.


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