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"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Knitting for Baby 

What's the first thought that pops into your head when your 21 year old son calls you up in the middle of the day and starts the conversation off with.....

"So, B (his girlfriend) just called. She just left her doctor's office."


Dear God in heaven, if this kid is about to tell me what, at this moment in time, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR, I'll scream! Right here, right now! I tried to keep breathing, not wanting to jump to conclusions, waiting for what seemed forever for him to continue with the information he wanted to share with me.

"Okay, she just left her doctor's office and she found a note on the windshield. It said someone witnessed someone else hit the car and the witness left their phone number as well as the license number of the car that hit it."

Well.....imagine my relief!

Zoe Mellor Bee Booties and a baby blanket in the Honeycomb pattern for a cousin's baby shower last weekend.

It will be a few years at least a decade before I'll be knitting any baby things for my own children's children.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dahlias in September 

Every year in August and September, my Dad’s garden would be ablaze with colour. Enormous dahlias of every colour imaginable would bask in the gently fading summer sunshine.

Dad had given me a few tubers in the past and I’d try, without success to fill our garden with a little colour.

At the end of the growing season last year, the tubers in Dad's garden were dug up and split amongst friends and family. I stored mine in boxes of sawdust in the workroom and planted them in mid spring.

It was exciting to see their green shoots
poking out of the dirt a few weeks later, but due to my total lack of a ‘green thumb’, I wasn’t too convinced I’d have anything more than that.

I was pleasantly surprised with their continued growth of leafy green and imagine my thrill a few weeks ago at finding clusters of buds in amongst the greenery! Every day is now bringing a freshly opened globe of colour.

No where near the variety and beauty as Dad’s, but flowering dahlias none the less. I’m sure somewhere, he’s smiling.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Drive By Sheeping 

Look who mysteriously appeared on our doorstep last Thursday night.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation 

1. Looked for a new car.
2. Started Gossamer Scarf.
3. Painted #4's bedroom.
4. Painted the first of 3 pieces of furniture for her bedroom.
5. Looked for a new car.
6. Went to Tacoma to see American Idols on Tour with #5 and a few thousand squealing pre-teens and teens.
7. Started socks from Nancy Bush's Vintage Socks.
Can't recall the pattern, and obviously neglected for the balance of the summer and currently a WIP.

8. Started new job.
9. Looked for a new car.
10. Enjoyed an evening with Tom Petty.
11. Painted #5's bedroom.
12. Finished Gossamer Scarf. Currently awaiting blocking.

13. Looked for a new car.
14. Helped mother with yet another garage sale as she pares down from house to apartment.
15. Started Bee Booties, finished Bee Booties (gotta love a quick knit).

16. Bought and assembled furniture for #5's room.
17. Started Bee Hat.
18. Looked for a new car.
19. Finished Bee Hat.
20. Enjoyed a week on the Sunshine Coast. A little sun, a little rain, a little relaxation.
21. Started Frenchman's Creek sock from Tsarina Socks

22. Cleaned out lots of STUFF from house. How DOES it all accumulate?
23. Looked for a new car.

Did you notice a recurring theme? The old green Windstar went for it's last spin around the block back in June and we've been searching for the right deal on a replacement ever since. Three months later and I think we may have it. Not quite what I envisioned myself driving, and certainly NOT what #4 wants to be seen in, let alone learning to drive in, but here it is.....my new wheels....

Now it's back to school, back to work, back to the regular routines.


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