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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dahlias in September 

Every year in August and September, my Dad’s garden would be ablaze with colour. Enormous dahlias of every colour imaginable would bask in the gently fading summer sunshine.

Dad had given me a few tubers in the past and I’d try, without success to fill our garden with a little colour.

At the end of the growing season last year, the tubers in Dad's garden were dug up and split amongst friends and family. I stored mine in boxes of sawdust in the workroom and planted them in mid spring.

It was exciting to see their green shoots
poking out of the dirt a few weeks later, but due to my total lack of a ‘green thumb’, I wasn’t too convinced I’d have anything more than that.

I was pleasantly surprised with their continued growth of leafy green and imagine my thrill a few weeks ago at finding clusters of buds in amongst the greenery! Every day is now bringing a freshly opened globe of colour.

No where near the variety and beauty as Dad’s, but flowering dahlias none the less. I’m sure somewhere, he’s smiling.



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