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"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Re-invented as a Knitting Weblog 

Time to re-invent this little blog. My parents have returned from their cruise around South America, so no longer will it be used as a journal to keep them up to date on the comings and goings at home. (At least not until their next adventure)

Hope to have some pictures and ramblings to post tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Early Morning Wake-Up 

Around 6:30 this morning we were woken up by the sound of something hammering on the roof. Woody the Woodpecker was back for the spring. This is third year we've had a woodpecker attack the metal flashing around the vents on the roof. The first time it happened, Leo and I thought we were having problems with the water pipes. The sound is something like the noise that is made when there is air in the lines and the water pipes are shaking and burping. One morning last year I was taking the dog for a walk and I heard the noise coming from a neighbour's house. There on their roof was a woodpecker pecking away at their roof. If only we could train this bird to come at Mike & Kristen's windows every morning, we'd never be late for school.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Hi from Mike 

Here's an experiment I did with time-lapse.

Okay, sorry I haven't sent and e'mail. I meant to from IT class at school but I kept forgetting your e-mail address at home. Hope you had a good trip. I've just come back from a game of indoor soccer at 8-Rinks. We won 11-6. See you soon

Love from Mike

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Danielle & Daffodils 

Here's Danielle all ready for Carnaval last Friday. She's still trying for that plasma TV from Tim Horton's.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


A lonely daffodil. I thought there would be more but I guess there'll be more in the next week or so. The day I went over and took this picture, the neighbour's dogs were going crazy on their back porch. I thought for sure the rottweiler was going to jump the railing. What on earth do they need such a nasty dog for. The neighbour was looking out the patio window. I'm not sure she knew who I was and was probably wondering what the heck I was doing in the back yard. Enjoy the sunny Caribbean, see you soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

He's Ready to Play Catch 

Okay, I managed to get this one picture up. There are others that I want to post but I couldn't find them on the computer. I'll have to get Mike's help tonight. The **** was flying on Tuesday. Miles had gone on a hunt downstairs on Tuesday morning as he usually does. Looking for anything the kids might have left out on the table. A little snack on taco chips, an apple core. Anythings okay for the not so discerning beagle. Well this time, while he was down there snooping around, nature called. But he was too lazy to head up and outside. He's never done this before ( and hopefully never will again) but there his **** sat. I don't know how I didn't catch a wiff of it when I went downstairs to call Mike, but I didn't.

Unfortunately, Leo went downstairs to get something from the computer room and ... you guessed it, he stepped in it. Unfortunately (again), his nose was so plugged, he didn't catch a whiff of it either. He walked around the rec room, up the stairs and into the kitchen. By that time he started to catch a wiff of something but too late for the carpet and stairs.

He phoned me a work to share the lovely information and warn me of what to expect when I came home. Luckily he cleaned up what he could and spread baby powder over everything. When the kids and I got home the smell wasn't as bad as I had expected but still.....

In between picking up and dropping off whoever had to go wherever, I managed to vacume up the powder, wash the stairs and shampoo the carpet downstairs. Sweat was dripping off me by the end. Needless to say Miles was in the doghouse that day.

I'll get a few more pictures to post tonight.

Phone call from Equador (via New York) 

What a nice suprise to hear from you this morning. A 6:30 am phone call - - I thought for sure it was going to be someone wanting to book a tee off time for Northlands. Even after 5 years, we're still getting their phone calls. I'm just posting a quick one this morning, I'll have to run and make lunches in a minute then start setting off alarm bells in the bedrooms to get everyone up and running.

I'm trying to upload some pictures but isn't it the way that when you're in a hurry, it doesn't work. I don't think I'll have much luck. Enjoy your crossing of the equator and Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Check back tonight, I'll be trying this again and hopefully get some pictures up.

Love Maureen

Monday, March 14, 2005

Red Sky at Night . . . #2 

Red Sky at Night . . . . 

A few pictures that Mike took on Friday. The sunset makes it seem like there is a fire burning behind the trees.

The weather has been really nice for the past week or so. A few days ago Osoyoos was the hot spot in the country with a high around 20C. Not bad for a winter day in March. Not as warm as Peru though.

See you soon.


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Mike's Artwork

Here's a picture of Mike's recent art project. He started back in early January with designing it, tracing the pattern onto the wool and cutting out all the shapes, big and small. Then all the hours stitching everything together. It was just finished on Thursday night.

Kristen is trying out kick boxing. She went to an open house at a facitily out by Cap Mall on Saturday and now she's hoping to get a pass to go on a regular basis. She's trying to sell Leo and I on the benefits of the $39/month pass by telling us it is a great work out and teaches her self-defense.

Danielle had fun at the school Carnaval Day on Friday. She's been asking to go to Tim Horton's for hot chocolate this weekend. We couldn't figure out why the need to go out for hot choc. all of a sudden until we realized it's time for the "roll up the rim to win" contest again. She's got her hopes pinned on winning the plasma TV. She figures if she wins it she'll be able to put it in her room.

Looks like the temperatures are getting much hotter in your travels. Hope your enjoying the time by the pool.

See you soon

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Somebody's a little grumpy. This could be Danielle if she doesn't find just the right clothes to wear to Carnaval on Friday. As is a school tradition, they have a fun day patterned after the winter Carnaval in Quebec. The primary kids get to play games and have ice scuplture contests (with playdough) and the intermediate kids get to go skating at the ice rink down the road. All the students are to wear clothing in red and/or white. Well she has gone through a bit of a growth spurt lately so none of her pants are long enough. But she has plenty of red and/or white tops. Of course none to her liking - (read none that are new).

There was a meeting at the high school tonight for parents and students of current GR 9's regarding their curriculum choices for next year. Well after the meeting, Kristen and I sped off for Park Royal and Winners before the mall closed. Up and down the racks we went looking for anything in red or white. I figured if I got a selection of items, she could chose two and the rest would go back. Well we managed to satisfy her desires with a cute pair of pants - neither red nor white, but black (although there is some white stitching detail) , and a cute red T-shirt with a drawing of a halo and white writing that says.... MISSING: *HALO* will only fit me. Description: round and white with a heavenly light. Last seen over the top of my head. I'm no angel without it. OH WHERE ART THOU


Hope you've enjoyed your stops in Chile - next stop Peru. In last night's episode of The Amazing Race, the contestants were in Santiago, Chile. I didn't get to see too much of the program, but what I saw of Santiago looked very nice.

Don't forget to leave a comment so that I know you've seen the post.

See you soon,
Love Maureen

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Safely and snuggly tucked in the garage. We'll have to go over to the house on Saturday to wash and clean out the car. But for now it is safe and sound.

Monday, March 07, 2005

2 Down and 2 To Go 

Hard to believe that you're at the half way point. Hope the trip has been a lot of fun so far. One good thing - there can't possibly be anymore of the wild seas you encountered going around Cape Horn.

Watching the Amazing Race (first episode of a new race last Tuesday), the contestants had to fly into Lima, Peru and had you gotten off the ship at Santiago, the itinerary shows that you would have gone to some of the spots in Peru that the racers went to. Wayne is taping the shows while you're gone so you'll be able to see the sights.

Well, the Cadi is tucked (with little room to spare) back in the garage. Thanks again for the use of it. The van is back on the road and when I went to pick the kids up at school on Wednesday, Mike and his friends were disappointed not to be riding in style anymore. However, the upside for Mike is now that the van is back on the road, he can resume his driving again.

Your pedometer came in the mail last week. I sent away for one myself and mine arrived a few days after yours. I clipped it on the day I was jockeying the car and van around and hopping on and off skytrain. I managed to log 7km that day. The hardest were the ones up Sperling hill. You need to be a mountain goat.

The daffodils are in bloom. I'll have to take the camera over to the house and shoot a few pictures. I'm typing this entry from work so when I get home tonight I'll try to figure out the picture posting and get some on this blog.

Hope you enjoy the last half of the trip. Either send e-mail as you have been or log on here and send comments.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Love Maureen


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