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"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Mike's Artwork

Here's a picture of Mike's recent art project. He started back in early January with designing it, tracing the pattern onto the wool and cutting out all the shapes, big and small. Then all the hours stitching everything together. It was just finished on Thursday night.

Kristen is trying out kick boxing. She went to an open house at a facitily out by Cap Mall on Saturday and now she's hoping to get a pass to go on a regular basis. She's trying to sell Leo and I on the benefits of the $39/month pass by telling us it is a great work out and teaches her self-defense.

Danielle had fun at the school Carnaval Day on Friday. She's been asking to go to Tim Horton's for hot chocolate this weekend. We couldn't figure out why the need to go out for hot choc. all of a sudden until we realized it's time for the "roll up the rim to win" contest again. She's got her hopes pinned on winning the plasma TV. She figures if she wins it she'll be able to put it in her room.

Looks like the temperatures are getting much hotter in your travels. Hope your enjoying the time by the pool.

See you soon



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