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Thursday, March 15, 2007

What I've Been Doing The Last Few Nights.... or ... How I Grew To Hate High School Math! 

Go ahead.... solve for w.
I'll wait.
Don't forget to show your work.

Oh, and don't forget to show your 'check' to make sure the answer's correct.

And if you keep your promise about not whining and complaining about how learning this will NEVER help you in your future, I'll keep my promise about not yelling.
PS - Send me your answer and snail mail address to canadianedelweiss at yahoo dot ca and there will be a little treat sent your way. After all, we have to dangle carrots in this household just to get co-operation, why not spread the carrots around ;)
PPS - Added later - Thank you to all of you keen numbers people!!!! No worries that we didn't have the answer here at the 'House of Math Horrors already. Somehow I, who loves working with numbers, gave birth to and raised 3 children who quite dislike working with numbers. How does that happen? Can't blame it on the Dad, because he's a numbers guy too. Math was one of my favourite subjects in school. Well, until grade 12 when a different subject (who happened to sit accross from me in math class) became my favourite subject. But that's a different subject altogether.
If there are two times when my heart skips a beat and I rush to the kitchen table, it's when the kids ask for help with their math or accounting homework. Actually, there's three times when I skip to the table. If someone has cooked dinner for me, I'm there is a flash too.



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