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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Walk With Me Wednesday....with a twist 

A little twist on the Walk With Me Wednesday theme. How about Drive With Me Wednesday-posted on Thursday

We've just been hit with the 14th storm of this winter season. Storms that have brought wind that has at times been gusting to 100km/h, rain in biblical proportions and snow which if this were eastern Canada would seem like a hiccup, but here on the 'wet' coast, it's a little unusual to say the least. Here's a little taste of my commute home.

Click here to link to the (not so) riveting video clip.
Movie snow drive 1.10.07.wmv

I wish I could have figured out the video feature on the new camera yesterday. I don't think I've ever driven in such strong winds. At one point I was stopped at a traffice light and it felt like a dozen monkeys were hopping on the bumper of the van. Driving across the bridge into North Van, was definately a "two hands on the wheel" trip.



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