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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kid Speak 

When the kids were little gaffers just learning to talk, I found it was like learning a second language myself. #3 couldn't pronounce the hard c, g and k sounds. Words like car, go and keep would come out like tar, doe and teep. Something like "I'll get the car keys, mommy!" would be "I doe det tar tee's mommy!" He'd excitedly show anyone coming into the house the closet where the a-boo (vacuum) was kept. He'd call for the boo-baa (light) to be turned on at night.

As for #4, she always referred to herself in the 3rd person. Her nickname as a little one was Krissy and her shortened, personalized version was Issy. If she wanted to do something, she'd firmly announce to all in ear shot - "Issy do!" When it came to pronouncing her little sister's name, apparently 2 syllables were too much and Danielle became simply 'nielle.

#5 had a hard time with her brother and sister's names. To her they were By-toe and Sistin. "At least" would become "a-leash". The g sound was too much of a bother so Gramma and Grampa became Ramma and Rampa.

Now that they are much older, I feel like I'm learning yet another language. Mumbling! Their low pitched, fast paced running together of words leaves my head spinning at the best of times. Now a phrase such as "Where's the toothpaste?" comes out sounding like "Wear a foot brace."

Here they are, modeling their recently knitted items.

Celtic Cap from the girl from auntie for #3.

A scarf for #4 from a Barbara Walker pattern. The picture is unfortunately just a little washed out. But she'd just come home from 8 hours at work, so she's probably feeling a little washed out herself.
One lonely sock waiting for its mate for the tootsies of #5. Pattern - Dalarna from Knitting on the Road. Yarn - hand dyed 'Pink Lemonade' from Laura at Sugar Bunny Boulevard



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