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"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

Friday, October 13, 2006

Seabus, Seminar and Socks 

Yesterday was a change from the norm. After dropping the girls off at school, I hopped on the seabus for a ride into downtown Vancouver for a three hour seminar at the lovely Canada Place.

First a tasty banana muffin and a cup of tea and then down to business. "The Art of Attracting, Qualifying and Closing good People." Sound exciting? With an unemployment rate as low as 4% in Vancouver, filling vacancies in the company is proving to be quite a challenge.

It was a lovely fall day for a trip across the inlet and back.

However, when I arrived home, I found a certain USPS envelope on my doorstep. It had to be one of two things - the yarn that would 're-arm' me so that I could set my sights on the next target in SockWars OR my assasin's completed socks.

With trembling hands, I cautiously opened the package only to be pelted with flashes of red and white. Hundreds and hundreds (okay, may 10) bonbons flew out at me and as I fell to the pavement, a feathery soft pair of red and white Socks of Doom fluttered down and rested across my arm thus rendering me dead and out of the SockWars battle.

But as I lay on my door stupe in a dazed state, I glanced up at the door handle and what did I see? A notice from Fedex! My ammunition had arrived, but I wasn't home to receive it. Which had come first? The ammo or the sock of doom? I'll never know, but because I can't get to the post office until tomorrow, I'm casting on before I send it off to the Red & White Assasin, Rachel.



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