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Friday, July 28, 2006

More Than Just a Day at the Office 

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Guess what I did after work yesterday? Yep, I finally donated a little bit of my own renewable resource.

I had tried about 12 years ago, but was nicely told "not today" when I answered 'yes' to the question - "Are you currently breastfeeding".

I tried 2 years ago, but was again nicely told "not today" when they poked my finger, tested a sample and found my blood was sadly lacking in iron.

So off I went yesterday afternoon, fingers crossed that I'd pass the finger poke test. A round of question and answer and it was time to relax in the chair while the nurse searched high and low for a vein. Turns out that mine don't exactly stand up and make their presence known. (kind of like me in a crowd) After two attempts, one on each arm, success.

The nurses at the clinic are so wonderful. Joking and distracting so that chickens like me don't fixate on what's happening, and then becoming your own personal cheerleader, congratulating you on filling the bag.

After all is said and done, it's juice and cookies and more words of gratitude. The volunteers remind you what a great thing you just did. Your blood donation can be split 3 ways: into oxygen rich red cells, that can help patients who are anemic due to blood loss, then platelets, needed by cancer patients who can't produce enough of their own, and finally into plasma, the liquid that the carries everything, which is needed by hemophiliacs.

Makes you feel good to do something good for someone.

In Canada 1-888-2-DONATE
In the US 1-888-USBLOOD



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