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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Peas in A Pod 

I've often joked with #2 that his (my) last name translates from Italian to English as 'procrastinator' or 'one who is never on time' but after 20+ years of marriage, I think I've acquired some of those bad characteristics.

What do you do when two co-workers are expecting and you've decided to make each a baby sweater? Do you start early and get them finished with time to spare? Do you pace yourself and finish them a week or so before the baby shower? Do you finish the first one a week before and then knit like a demon until 2 am the night before the shower in order to complete the second one?

Three guesses which route I took.

Here they are - two purple Peas in a Pod from the summer online Interweave in Debbie Bliss cotton cashmere. Loved working with that yarn!

Posted by PicasaAnd here are the Moms-to-be -- the other two peas in a pod.



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