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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lost and Found 

I'm sure if you look closely at the deck of the ferry, you'll see THIS poor dejected object wishing its owner would TURN THAT MP3 PLAYER DOWN so he could hear when something of his hit the floor with a thud.

#3 came home for the weekend and in the hurry Sunday to catch the bus for his 5 hour trip back to the island (honestly, he could fly to Toronto in the time it takes to bus and float and bus again to the UVic campus) he more or less threw his stuff into his backpack and rushed out the door. Sometime Monday night he phoned to see if maybe he'd left the camera behind because he couldn't find it in his room.

We searched high and low and couldn't find it here either. Now to digress a little, we had company over on Sunday night and I don't know about you, but sometimes in this house (okay, most times in this house) there's a mad panic to clear the clutter and 'junk' out of sight of guests. So a few things (okay, quite a few things) were shoved into the bedroom. There was a chance the camera was buried under something.

After a second search this morning, I felt pretty confident in denying possession of the camera.

I asked #3 to retrace his steps. You know, try and recall the last time you saw it, try and think of possible places it could be. He was drawing blanks. The most ridiculous comment from him though was "Okay, I don't want to be blamed for this. It's not my fault that I can't find it. I just don't want 10 types of ---- coming my way for something I'm not responsible for." WHAT!?!

I'm thinking that due to the fact that he was the last to see it and it was him that was taking it back to Victoria, the most likely person to have misplaced it would be.....HIM. How was he going to dodge blame? All right, so he was accused in error of being the cause of December's plumbing nightmare, but the missing camera had his name all over it.

But this story does have a happy ending. I called BC Ferries this morning and lo and behold, they have the camera. Some kind, honest soul found it on the floor of the lounge and turned it in to Lost and Found. Thank you kind person! and thank you to all of you who turn lost items in to a L & F.

And here for the knitting content....

Last year's shedir from knitty.com. Made for a friend who was undergoing chemo at the time and who now has a full head of hair and a clean bill of health.



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