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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We Now Return to Our Regular Programming 

...That is until the next camera and/or scanner meltdown.

The yarn for the entrelac baby blanket has arrived just in time for the Knitting Olympics. In hind sight, I wish I had ordered some white as well - I'm not sure I like the pink/blue combo. I think it could use white to break it up as well as provide me with the ability to make the blanket a little larger than stroller size. We'll see what I can scare up in the next 2 days. These were ordered from Knit Picks.

100% Peruvian cotton for only $2 US per skien.
And what's that in the background? Some plain old brown sock yarn for...yes, another pair of socks. And what else? Why that's a little something for a contest I figured I run this month.

Yes, it's been one year of blogging (well, it will be at the end of February) so as an excuse to get comments and e-mails, I've got a little gift for the one who leaves me the answer to the following question...

What are the colours of the two cars that I have driven in the past year?
One I borrowed from my Dad while mine was in for repairs and the other for better or worse, is mine. Each correct guess gets entered into the draw with bonus entries if you can tell me the make or model of the vehicles. Just send an e-mail to canadianedelweiss at yahoo dot ca. **OOPPS - I originally had dot COM - it should be dot CA. Thanks to Marina for pointing that out. To save you the tedious task of perusing the entire blog, you just have to go to March and October.

Winner drawn on February 28th. And what does that lucky winner receive?

A sheepish tape measure



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