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Monday, August 29, 2005

Fish & Chip Friday 

This past Friday, we went for a 10K bike ride along a trail that runs along the dikes between Richmond and Steveston. Through the years the kids have enjoyed watching the planes come and go from our starting point across from the airport and the reward is always fish and chips at the pier in Steveston. This year the oldest two decided to stay home, so we loaded up the bikes and went with #5 and her friend, Connor.

The Pier at Steveston

One the way back we stopped at this memorial.

Guarding the entrance to Steveston Harbour, the Fishermen's Memorial was erected about six years ago to honour those ships and crews from Steveston who perished at sea. The monument consists of a needle used in mending fishing nets set on a copper pedestal with artwork depicting scenes from a fisherman's life. It's surrounded by perimeter walls with the names of the crews and their ships inscribed in black marble. The names of two of my uncles are inscribed there. This is a link to the story of what happened just over 44 years ago. John Ivanich was the husband of my Aunt Mary whom I wrote about back in April, and Doug Hill was the husband of my Aunt Eva. Both were(are) my mom's sisters.

I was only just over 1 when this tragedy happened so I don't have any memory of my two uncles, but I've heard many stories through the years about each of them.



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