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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Backtack Revisited 

A few weeks ago, the wonderful ladies that organized Backtack posted a request for "angels" to help out in making another project for a few participants that unfortunately didn't receive a package the first time around. Well, I had so much fun the first time, I just had to take another stab at it.

I still have to pick up a set of needles for the case, some gold dubloons for the button pouch, and off it goes.

My mystery recipient likes black, red, pirates, and skeletons so I hope she likes what I came up with.

The needle pouch was very quick and easy. I made it with Galway wool along with a little bit of the yarn from #5's scarf.
Cast on 80 stitches (single strand) on 5mm needles and knit to a length of 30 inches.
Felt it, block it and cut to desired size.
Fold over a 7 to 8 inch flap, then blanket stitch around edges.
Stitch for 8 slots to hold needles.
I had an old drawer pull (hidden by the buttons in the photo)that I used to anchor the strap closure, added a buckle and voila.



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