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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

CD Swap 

I've received two CD's from the swap. The first arrived a few days ago from Amy. A great mix of tunes, most artists I hadn't heard of but my kids had. I'm wanting to mention a few specific songs I really liked, but I can't find the disc because my son's taken it on his camping trip.

The second disc just arrived today from Anita. A great mix of songs spanning Spring through Winter. Hearing Doris Day sing Que Sera, Sera reminded me of when I was a kid and it would be playing on my Dad's reel to reel. I really like the Indigo Girls-Southland in the Springtime.

Thanks to both of you. The music is great!

To my five recipients..... I'm sorry I'm late in posting them. I had my son make them up over a week ago, but when I received Amy's, he decided to make a few changes and he just gave me the finished product last night before he left for the rest of the week. They'll be going in the mail on Thursday. Promise!

Here's the 'reversible, re-usable' CD gift bags that I made to go along with them.



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