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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Backwards in Time. 

Back in '79 '80 I worked for a company that had a branch in Washington state and once in a while I would have to go down to work there. I had the pleasure of working with a lady named Joanne Clark. She invited me to stay at her house and I was amazed at the studio she had full of yarn and other assorted goodies. She loved to knit and do cross stitch and she got me started on both after I had put them aside for a few years. I still have a Family Circle book from winter 1980 from which I made these two items. I don't have the sweater anymore, but I still have some of the yarn kicking around.
But I do still have the dress that I made. I can still remember sitting in Joanne's living room, knitting away. I had done it on circular needles so it was relatively quick, just row after row of straight knitting until I got to the cables. (A little aside, Joanne had a basset hound and it used to swallow stones from the dog run. When you'd pet its stomach you could feel the rocks inside. Needless to say her and her husband Rolly had some pretty expensive vet bills.)

Here are a few other items that I've saved through the years, though I'm not sure why.
I think I made this one on a road trip to California in '84

This one...
I'm not sure what possessed me.
At a Chicks w/Sticks night a few months ago, one of the ladies had a bag of old patterns and some of us were laughing over the styles through the years. This was one of the patterns in the bag and it was one of the ones that elicited a pretty big laugh. Picture it with big hair, big bright earrings and stove pipe pants. Ewww.



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