5 And A Beagle

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

Monday, July 18, 2005

Miles the Birder 

About a month ago, I noticed a commotion in the back yard. Crows were everywhere and the level of noise from the cawing was just crazy. I looked out to see why they were so noisy, and what do I find ... Miles playing 'catch and release' with what I thought at the time was a dying adult crow. #4 and I were yelling at the dog, trying to be heard above the din of the crows. The only thing that got him away from the bird was the sight of his dog leash. A walk generally wins out over most things. The next morning I half expected to see the dead bird in the back yard, but it wasn't there. When Miles went out for his morning piddle the crows started circling around and cawing again. As soon as he got up on the sundeck, he went nuts. His nose had picked up the sent and sure enough, there was the crow he'd attacked the night before. It had spent the night huddled behind our barbecue. It wasn't an adult, but a baby that must have fallen out of the nest. The chase was on. There was the baby hopping and fluttering around trying to get away from the crazed beagle. There was me screaming and trying to grab the tail of the crazy dog. And there were what seemed like a dozen or so crows, swooping down at me and the dog. It felt like a scene from 'The Birds'. For almost two weeks, the crows would caw and squawk every time the dog went into the back yard, even though the baby was no longer anywhere to be found after that morning.

This afternoon, while #4 and I were making lunch, one of these little guys flew into our kitchen. He fluttered around trying to find his way back out while Miles was running around yelping like he was part of a hunting pack. Unfortunately, the bird touched down on the floor and before I knew it, Miles had him. I grabbed the dog's tail, which caused him to yelp in a different tone, release the bird and turn his attention on me. #4 then grabbed Miles by his collar and pulled him out of the kitchen while I went to get the bird, but the poor thing was dead. One chomp by the crazed birder, and that was it.

#5 searched around for a shoe box and she and her Dad buried the poor little guy in the garden in our animal grave yard. The sparrow now joins 3 hamsters and 2 budgies that have gone before him through the years.

On a knitting note, I'm about 3/4's of the way throught the Shapely's front. Here's a picture of the back.



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