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Sunday, June 26, 2005

After Backtack...Back to Knitting 

Another busy weekend. I don't think I've had a weekend free in the month of June. First half was the graduation activities, and this weekend was spent helping my parents with their garage sale. It's amazing what can accumulate over the years. Nothing like a garage sale to clear out the junk, and what a way to spend my anniversary. 22 years - where does the time go? Nothing on the horizon for this upcoming long weekend so maybe it's time to dedicate some hours to cleaning out the garden. I've volunteered to get involved in the grounds maintenance at my daughter's high school, and early Saturday morning I met with the co-ordinator to go over the duties. She was going to stop by our house later in the day with a set of keys to the storage shed and I realized, as I drove up to my house, that I hoped she didn't come by because then she'd see what a neglected yard I have. She'd probably reconsider having me on board. If I'm going to keep the school gardens free of weeds, I should probably spend some time on my own.

Now that I've finished the Backtack Project, I've picked up the needles and started knitting once again. I whipped up a few lace bookmarks so as to not feel completely out of the "Knit the Classics" loop. I have to admit though, that I have not gotten past the first chapter of "Middlemarch". It's a shame really, because I enjoyed "Mill on the Floss" also by Eliot, but I don't think I'll be able to plow through this one. Just not enough time. I'll try and get a jump start on the next book.

I ended up ripping out (again) the work I'd done on the Shapely T. At first I'd started on the back, decided that I'd start again on the front & back in the round. I didn't like the way 2 of the 4 short row sides had turned out so I ripped it out. Then, before starting attempt #3, I picked up a different yarn. I was originally going with Svale (cotton/silk), but at $8.00 per skein, I had to reconsider. This experiment would have cost me $64.00 and I wasn't sure I'd like it enough to wear. So I am now making it with a pretty rose shade of Estelle cotton that is half the price of the Svale. Easier to accept failure at $32.00. Aren't I the eternal optimist.

Here's were I've gotten to so far. Back to one piece at a time with the dreaded sewing to finish.



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