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Monday, June 06, 2005

Backtack Progress 

I've had my backtack supplies for over 2 weeks now and I've been waiting for some inspiration as to what to do with them. Initially I thought I'd make something like this pouch for circular needlesbut after lurking around on the blog of my recipient, I've discovered that something knitting related would not be the way to go.

I was browsing around some of the backtack blogs and I came across the pictures of the finished product from the very talented Hillary. If you haven't already seen her work, go check it out. She's got some great stuff.

I have to admit to copying her idea of a notions basket. I think it will be the perfect use of the materials from backtacker #1 to give to backtacker #2. I just realized as I was typing this that the first letter of the name of my supplier is the same as the first letter of my end recipient's. How's that for a clue for any of you backtack lurkers. I know you're out there, the majority of the hits to this lonely little blog are from backtackers. I hate to think what will happen to my numbers when this is all over :(

I picked up a basket this past Saturday afternoon while I was desperately shopping for a dress to wear to my son's graduation dinner next Saturday. The basket was an easy find, the dress, not so easy. Saturday night was spent cutting and sewing.

By midnight Sunday, I'd managed to get to this point. The basket is complete and the knitting you see in the bottom corner is going to be felted and used along with the other patterned fabric for some goodies to go into the basket. Here's a shot of the inside along with a picture of the tie closure with the beautiful beads that __ sent from Taiwan.I hope to find the time to get most of it made before the weekend. Then it will just be a case of buying the stuffers and shipping it to _ _ _ _ _ in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. (more clues, can you guess?)



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