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Monday, May 23, 2005

Before there was Clapotis..... 

There was...
...the frill. In the Spring 2004 issue of knitty there is a pattern for a beautiful wrap that uses a ravelled rib stitch to form a "frill" at the ends with a lovely lace pattern as the body. I was experimenting with the frill part and decided I'd try a scarf with just the ravelled rib. Then in the Fall 2004 issue of knitty, along comes the Clapotis. I haven't tried the Clapotis (although it seams that 75% of the knitting bloggers have) but the principle is the same. Knit and purl away then watch in excited anticipation for the unravelled stitches to transform your project. I haven't gotten to the unravelling part yet. This scarf is for my older daughter and although it now measures 60 inches, she would like it longer. I originally ordered 2 skiens of this yarn (Esslinger Wolle - Fidji) as an add on to some Noro that I'd 'won' on ebay and I wasn't too sure what I was going to do with it. Once I'd decided on the scarf, I soon realized that 2 skiens wasn't going to cut it. I contacted the seller and purchased her remaining 2 skiens. At 60 inches, I'm about 1/4 through the final skien. Of course when I ordered the second batch, I couldn't pay freight for just those two, so I had to get more stuff to justify (in my mind) the cost of shipping. I now have 10 skiens of Galway for a future felting project and some self striping yarn for socks. There's always a reason for getting more yarn isn't there. Why pay $7.50 for shipping 2 skiens when you can pay the same and get more. (Never mind the fact that the overall bill gets bigger with the more goods you buy)



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