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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Teddy Bear Picnic - Part II 

A little over 2 weeks ago I went to the final Teddy Bear workshop. Another relaxing Saturday spent at Maureen B's house with a fun group of women. All of us being taught the fine art of stuffing (who knew so much fiber fill could fit into the head of a bear) and stitching by the creator of these bears, Barbara Irwin Shynkaryk. Her kits are fantastic and she is a great teacher. It was such a neat experience to put the pieces together and see them come "alive".

I've been trying to take care of the finishing touches over these past few weeks, but something keeps getting in the way. I think it's called life.

This weekend they are off to their new homes. One is for my brother who just turned {}0, and the other is for his girlfriend who just turned []0. I'm hoping to make a little medallion for each of the bears that will have a picture of 'W' and 'C' when they were little. Something called image transferring that I hope to learn.

Aren't these "blogs" amazing? It all started with a surf on the web for scarf patterns....
My so-called scarf - - Manos Del Uruguay - - Life's a Stitch - - an invite from Li of Life's a Stitch to Maureen B's - - and whoosh - - a dam burst of creativity.



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