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"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Too much to do and still adding... 

I've never been able to juggle so I don't know why I'm adding to my 'to do list'.

The flooring in our kitchen is in the process of being ripped (chipped) up. Right now it's half plywood, half tile. The main bathroom has been plywood for the past 6? months and the built in dishwasher is listing to one side and screaming to be taken to the dump. Or maybe it's listing to one side and hanging on for dear life to be kept in the family. I'm sure it's the former. If the darn thing worked it would be lovingly welcomed into the family circle, but it hasn't been doing the job of dishwasher for at least 5 years. It should have been taken to the dump a long time ago. I wonder if I stopped doing the daily dishes (the old fashioned way), my family members would say the same thing about me. "We should have taken the old gal to the dump a long time ago."

So if home renovations aren't enough to keep Leo and I busy, I've taken a liking to knitting again. And that's taking my spare time. I must say though, that at the end of a long day, the thought of sitting down and relaxing with a ball of yarn is much more appealing than chipping tiles.

I've currently got two scarves on the go. The opera scarf in the alpaca brought back from S. America and a version of the frill from knitty. I've also got three scarves that need to be washed and blocked. Two of the multi-directional scarf and one of my so-called scarf. I liked making the herringbone pattern of my so-called scarf so much that I whipped up a pillow front for Danielle's room that also has to be blocked (and sewn to the backing and stuffed). Then there's the two cowichan sweaters - one is about 1/3 done. And of course last by not least, the two teddy bears. Now I've gone out and bought the Spring issue of Interweave Knits and am dying to start any one of three different projects. The Wear-Everywhere Pullover, a shortened version of the Fitted Dolman and the Vintage Pink Cardigan. Plus, experimenting with something in the Brioche stitch ....

I started knitting almost 40 years ago (sadly, I am that old) and I think I'm beginning to remember why I've been away from knitting for so long. It had something to do with wanting to do so much and not having the time. I must remember to pace myself.



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