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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

As the Week and the Scarf Unravel 

I finally reached the end with the ravelled rib scarf. Or so I thought. At 78", darling #4 decided it was long enough. There's a little bit of leftover yarn and I was torn about casting off. I hate to have bits of odds & sods, but I figure I can throw it on a felted bag or slippers as a trim.

So I dropped stitches and cast off, anxious to see the unravelling. I knew it wouldn't rapidly undo like a run in a stocking, but I didn't think I'd be picking out each and every dropped stitch all the way down the scarf. On the original pattern that was the inspiration, it wouldn't be such a big deal to unravel 8 - 12" at either end of the scarf, but 78" with 15 columns -- it's a good thing winter's a way off.

I was thinking of posting two pictures - a before and an after. But it's still a WIP so here is one picture that shows both.

I've done a swatch (unusual for me but I'm learning to put in the extra effort for better results) for the Shapely T and I've practiced a few goes at short rows. The yarn is Svale, a beautifully soft mixture of cotton, viscose and silk. The first wearable item for me (that isn't a scarf) in almost 20 years. Here goes...



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