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Monday, May 30, 2005

Sunday at the Farm 

Sunday afternoon was the 25th annual Sheep Fair at the local farm and my youngest and I spent a fun few hours there.

Border Collies put on a display of herding. Starting out with the ducks and then graduating up to the big guys. A mixture about a dozen sheep - young and old. Not unlike a bunch of people, this group of sheep had the energetic youngsters jumping to and fro trying to test the authority of the collies, and some cranky older ones that openly defied authority. A nip on the heals soon put them all in line

Here's Dani watching as they are herded into the pens. She's checking to make sure that while they're munching on the grass, they don't sneak a bite of her toes.

The fate that awaits them once they're herded into the pens.
I would think it would be a relief for them to get shorn after the late May weather we've been having. Although the temperature on Sunday was a little closer to normal for the season, in the mid to low 20's,(mid to low 70's F) Friday and Saturday were in the mid to low 30's (high 80's F).
Time to wrap up the scarf, put the cowichan sweater on hold and start on a light cotton t-shirt for summer.



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