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Monday, June 20, 2005

Backtack Redux 

Okay, I lied when I said Backtack was done. I couldn't help myself. I snooped around some of the blogs and I had to steal another idea from a fellow backtacker. (remember the old adage, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".) Yarnstorm made a really cute pouch for her recipient's scissors. I had material left over so I figured, why not, I'll make one more thing to go into the basket. After all, scissors have a way of going missing don't they? Any little aid in keeping them in their place has to be a good thing.

I find that scissors are right up there on the list of inanimate objects that somehow are never where they're supposed to be. I have purchased so many nail clippers and yet I never find one when I need one. I suspect there's a bunch of them somewhere in a secluded corner of the basement clicking an inaudible message to any new members when they're brought into the house -- click click, come down here, click click, quick while she's not looking and you'll never have to clip another horrible finger or toe nail again! click click. She'll never think to look for us behind the hot water tank! click click

Or how about the pair of socks that go into the washer and dryer, but when it comes time to sort the dry clothes there's only one sock. Where did the other one go? I'm almost afraid to start on what seems to be an addiction for some knitting bloggers; that being knitting my own socks. I don't know if I could bear to have something that I so lovingly laboured over, up and leave me. (Kind of like my son, who's headed off to university out of town in September. But I digress.)

And of course, at the top of the list -- the cordless phone! Why oh why is it never in the cradle or at least near it? When the phone rings, and you might guess it's seldom for me or my husband, I feel like a mouse in a maze. Instead of following my nose to get to that piece of cheese, I'm madly following my ears to find the ringing phone. And I've only got 4 rings to get to it before the answering machine kicks in. Sometimes the phone (and my kids) conspire to make it more of a challenge by burying the receiver either under a pile of clothes or their bed.

So yes, here for the final time - really - is the last of the backtack. Ready for a journey of 2,141 miles south and east of here. The little snippets of chocolate in the background are for _ _ _ _ _'s sweet tooth. One is an artist's pallet and the other is a Canadian flag. Why? Because she is a talented painter, and I am Canadian. (only those familiar with Canadian beer commercials will get the joke there)

Gotta go - I think I hear the phone.



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