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Friday, July 01, 2005

90 Minutes = 10 Miles = 25 rows 

My usual daily commute to and from work involves hopping in the car and driving approximately 10 miles, mostly along the Trans Canada Highway. The average door to door is 20 minutes. Yesterday it took 3 HOURS!

The normal routine - 5 minutes from work...hop on the freeway; 5 minutes from home...hop off. I started the first leg and realized the freeway wasn't an option so I figured I'd stop at Home Depot and return something then try the freeway again. But after listening to the traffic reports, I thought - add picking up groceries and try later. After picking up groceries, I realized - get gas! and try later. After having left the office at 4:15, I found myself, at 5:45 with a car full of groceries and gas, ready to give it a shot. I fully expected that the backlog would have lightened. But no. I finally walked through my front door at 8:45! Good thing I had the Shapely T to keep me company. That and some sushi and Dad's Chocolate Chip Cookies.

One of the things I discovered beside the fact that there are A LOT of people that head over to the North Shore, is that when traffic is crawling at 5 mph and slower, I can knit while simultaineously stearing with my left knee. I managed to get about 25 rows done on the back of Shapely while I was chugging at a snail's pace. Another thing I discovered - when you turn the car off and coast in neutral, the brakes don't grab the same as they do when the engine is running. Yikes!

And the reason for the big jam... there's a new bridge being constructed across the Seymour River and there was a mishap with a crane. So instead of 2 possible routes to the east side of the river, there was only 1. It was just fortunate that the kids were out of school and my trip home from work didn't involve picking up anyone from anywhere.

Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians on Friday and Happy 4th of July to all of you Americans on Monday.



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