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Friday, July 29, 2005

Summer Squared 

For those of you familiar with Kerstin's site, you'll know that tragedy struck her family when her brother John was killed in a car accident. Annie is asking people to knit a square to be put together for a blanket for Kerstin's brother John's wife and/or for a charity in John's name. If you would like to make a square, the details are linked from Annie's site. Here's my contribution for the blanket project.

I've also dragged the sewing machine back out. Here's a stack of material from two (maybe 3) decades worth of stash.
I'm making a bunch of reversible gift bags as well as some reversible CD pouches.
The end of the CD swap is fast approaching and I've got my son putting the discs together while I sew up some pouches. Lots of squares being made right now - okay, some of them are rectangles. Poor Shapely has been put on a temporary hold.

To the 'crew' at Life's a Stitch - gute Reise



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