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Monday, July 25, 2005

A Weekend on the Gulf Islands 

Bright and early Saturday morning, #5 and I headed off to the ferry terminal to make our way to the Saltspring Island Fibre Festival. We met up with Justine from Adventures in Asia or as she is now known, Adventures in Asian Withdrawal. I was a little concerned when we didn't see her in the small walk on crowd on the Victoria/Saltspring Ferry, but she came on with her Mom, sister and friend in their car. And they kindly offered to squeeze in me and #5 for the ride to the farm. Justine gave us the sweetest beagle bookmark and notepad, she is the nicest person and it was great to hear about her experiences travelling and working in Asia.

In between taking pictures of some really tiny knitting and
some medium sized sheep,
my camera went on the blink so I couldn't take a picture of us with Justine. I'll have to steal a copy from her blog.

As for the Fibre Festival, I think the local Maplewood Farm Sheep Fair was just as quaint and interesting and it had the added benefit of being less than a mile from our home. However, being on Saltspring and Mayne Islands is a pretty nice way to spend a couple of days. Not to mention the opportunity to meet a fellow blogger. Best of luck to you Justine as you head off back east and thank you again for a fun afternoon.

Here are some pictures of the rest of the weekend.
#5 with her purchase of yarn to make a multi coloured scarf

What could be better than making 'smores over the fire pit with some friends?

Here comes our ride home from Mayne Island.

And just to show you how windy it can get at the front of the vessel...



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