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Thursday, November 27, 2008


It’s Thanksgiving and Turkey in the US today. Here in Canada, we celebrated back in October.

In honour of our American friends’ special day, I’d like to share a recently completed project made from a skein of delightful corriedale wool gifted to me from Karen as part of PIF. I had originally thought of a pair of chunky, warm socks from one of Cat Bordhi’s designs, but instead opted for a Moebius from the Elegant Arrows pattern of Sivia Harding’s.

It took a few go ‘rounds to get the gist of the moebius cast-on, but once the “penny dropped”, it was very satisfying to see how quickly and easily the project knit up. As I said, the yarn was delightful. It was so springy and soft and a pleasure to work with. And as a finished project, the moebius is great, the perfect fit under a jacket as the temperatures drop.

Thank you all around to all who share their talents with others.
To Karen, for allowing me to work with her wonderful, hand-spun yarn. To Cat, for her tutorial on the deviously simple moebius cast-on, and to Sivia, for sharing her creativity in the pattern.

A knitter's/crocheter's cornucopia.
I'd saved this picture from a website quite some time ago and neglected to note the link and so unfortunately, can't give credit where credit is due.



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