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Friday, October 17, 2008

Web, Bugs and Flowers 

Just as this time of the year brings a beautiful change in the colours around us, it also brings out the magnificently spun webs and their inhabitants, the spiders.
It seems that almost every morning requires a flailing of the arms while walking out the front door to the car. Industrious spiders have been busy spinning their delicate webs along the pathway to the front door in the hours between the last person into the house in the evening and the first person out of the house in the morning. The webs I find amazing, the spiders just creep me out.

Sometimes one of the eight legged critters finds its way into the house.

Thank goodness #2 found this one a few nights ago. It was dispatched to the toilet without and squeals or screams. At least not from the girls and I, I don't know how the spider felt.

Maybe that's why it's been raining all week.

Other foreigners that make their way into the house.....
earwigs that hitch a ride on the dahlias.


Gossamer Stars Scarf
posing with the me, the dog, the dahlias, the spiders and the earwigs.

I shook it really well after..... just to be sure.

And even though we've passed the mid point of October, there are still dahlias and roses in the garden. These were just cut this afternoon.



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