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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to #4 

It's the 5th of the month, and time for another birthday in the family. Three years and two months after her brother, #4 made her arrival into the family on Thursday the 5th.

She was born smack dab on her due date and unlike her brother before her, she had no desire to linger through the delivery process. With her, the process of labour went from zero to 60 pretty darn quick - she didn't even wait for the doctor to arrive. To quote a line from the Joy Luck Club - "When she was born, she sprang from me like a slippery fish, and has been swimming away ever since."

And while everyone else is fishing for halibut, she's casting her line for starfish.

#4 has always been very aware of what she wants, what she will or won't do and she'll make sure everyone around her knows that. When she was young, once she got the hang of something she'd be determined to do it without assistance - she would emphatically tell anyone that tried to help her "ISSY DO!" She has continued to throw herself into all of her passions with a sense of serious dedication whether it be soccer, track & field, her studies,

her family

or her friendships.

While I'm sure being the middle child isn't always fun - she has the benefit of being not only the younger sister whose big brother will always be there for her
but she is also the older sister whose little sister will always be there to torture her.
Such as when her younger sister sneaks into her bedroom and 'borrows' her clothes. There were a few times back when #5 was a baby and a perhaps then jealous #4 bit her. I suspect now that it was a payback in advance for what #4 knew would be coming when they got older. "Listen kid, I know when we get into our teens that you're going to steal my tops. So I'm just going to sink my teeth into your little arm RIGHT now. Got it!"

She's winding down towards the end of her teen years and maturing into a lovely, kind and caring young woman.

Happy 17th Birthday 'Krist-a-belle' ! Our very own angel...... Love from Mom




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