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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Teddy Bear Twins 

Posted by Picasa And what's this? A little acupuncture treatment for mother's day?

Saturday was the first of another round of Teddy Bear Picnics with Barbara Irwin Shynkaryk. This time it's Theodora. Here she is....legs only... waiting to be stuffed and assembled. Posted by PicasaI'm never certain as I'm making the bears I've made so far, who they will be for. Last year, the idea came to me around the time I was stitching the paw pads on, to embroider a 'W' and give it to my brother for his 50th. And as I saw how "easy" it was to make with Barbara's wonderful guidance, I decided to purchase a second kit to make one for 'W's girlfriend 'C', and give it to her for her 40th.

On Saturday, as I was stitching the paw pad for Theodora, I realized this was the perfect gift for little Marta in Italy. Attach an applique of the maple leaf and there you go...a lovely keepsake for baby from her cousins over in Canada. And of course, just like last year, I decided to pick up another kit. We just found out the wife of another cousin is now expecting.

Seems like these teddy bears like to come in pairs.



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