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"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

Monday, April 17, 2006

Stop the Ride, I WANT TO GET OFF! 

I'm beginning to remember why it was that I stopped knitting about 10-12 years ago. It seems perhaps I suffer from a form of fibre related "eyes are bigger than the stomach." How about - "She severely under estimated her ability to keep up!"

Here I am, past the halfway point of the month and these are the things waiting for me like little explosions through the rest of the month.

1) Final assignment for online HR course. 4/16 (deadline passed - not completed yet.)
2) Full day grounds clean-up at high school to get out of the negative position in accrued volunteer hours. 4/22 (don't even have time for 'grounds clean-up around my own house)
3) 10km fun(?)run 4/23. (Have I trained? NO!)
4) Packing up son's worldly possessions and returning him and them back to Vancouver 4/25
5) Daughter's confirmation 4/27 (and all that goes with spiritually prepping and outfitting one 12 year old girl and her 19 year old brother, her sponsor)
6) Spring Fair at elementary school 4/29 (co-ordination of game rooms decorations and prizes, prizes, prizes)
7) 5 income tax returns 5/1
8) 1 pair of socks for sockapalooza pal. 5/1 (1 pair done, not overly fond of them, second pair as back-up on the needles)

It's gotten to the point where sitting down to knit feels like a guilty pleasure I don't have time for and therefore shouldn't be doing.




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