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Monday, April 24, 2006

Sockapalooza socks 

Here they are, the sockapalooza socks getting a once over from Miles. I think he's just checking to make sure no one forgot any chocolate in the easter basket.

But because I am the indecisive fool that I am, I've started a second pair. Time (or lack thereof) may, in the end, make the decision for me. As of tonight, I have one sock finished and tomorrow I'll cast on the second. If I get it done in time, these will head east to their recipient. If I don't knit fast enough, it's the others.
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What's left to week's end....
5 tax returns
Daughter's confirmation on Thursday
Brother's birthday on Friday
Spring Fair all day Saturday
Time for knitting second sock.....somewhere in between everything else.
Where would you put your money if you were a betting person?



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