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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Like a Box of Chocolates 

A new month...a new order from Elann. I love ordering from this company. Their selection is great, the prices are very reasonable and the delivery is so fast, I can hardly see the point of driving the 35km round trip to the nearest well stocked yarn shop. If I can wait 2 business days, I can have my pick from their wide variety of yarns.

Pictured here: Pacific Blue and Summer Sky Austermann Egyptian Cotton 50g each $3 cdn
Regia sock yarn 50g each $3.90 cdn
What's missing from the empty band?
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That would be one skein of Summer Sky. I couldn't wait, I had to cast on for this wrap. I've done it in separate pieces before. The frill and the body. But now it's time for the complete project.

I know I should finish the second fairisle sock, but I just couldn't resist. Kinda like the box of chocolates that you know you shouldn't dip into. But really - when they look so tasty, how can you not?



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