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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bad Webs, Good Webs 

Tuesday after a long weekend here in Canada. Three days off work and what did I do? I spent 9 hours over 2 days at the high school, gardening. I take a look at my own garden and its screaming for attention. But what can you do when you’ve got a quota of volunteer hours and the deadline to meet it is drawing near….you coerce your son and his friend to come and spend some quality time with you, a few brooms, a leaf blower and a couple of garden hoes. Fun times!

Turns out though, that we brought a little something home with us when we left the school grounds on Saturday. Have I mentioned how much I dislike spiders? I think I have. Well, I must have brushed against a spider ‘nest’ as we were packing up to leave and hundreds of Charlotte’s newly sprung babies were flying like trapeze artists from my legs, arms and purse.

Good thing my son was driving the car, because if it had have been me behind the wheel, heaven knows what I would have done in my panic to GET OUT OF THE CAR. My son pulled over after I said once and then yelled a second time… you need to pull over… NOW!!!!!! While I’m brushing the little beggars off my arms and legs, my son casually says, “You might want to get the ones off your backside.” WHAT? Which was followed quickly by, “Don’t look at me, I’m not brushing them off.”

After dancing a strange little jig while brushing off every part of my body, I got back in the car. I was still picking out the stragglers and flicking them out the window as we drove home. ICK.

Back at the school for the next go round on Monday, I made certain to stay away from any shrubs.

And here is a ‘web’ I won’t mind having on my shoulders. Frill is progressing, however I’m not as fast at knitting mine as those spider babies are at spinning theirs.

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