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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Backtack II Has Arrived 

Here is my backtack parcel - arriving all the way from the other side of the continent. Bertha put together a beautiful bag and co-ordinating zipper pouch

and filled with such so many great things.

There were 4 skiens of Knitpicks merino, a colour wheel and oodles of packets of kool-aid for me to dye my own yarn. Plus the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook that has some great tutorials on dyeing. The funny thing about getting all of these things was, I had just packed up my recipients stuff and was pining about the things I was sending her that I would have liked to have kept. What were they? The Knitpicks merino and the Twisted Sisters book. Turns out that both Bertha and I had gone to the same person to ask for suggestions. The talented Dani at Knitting Sunshine .

Plus... there was sock yarn and dp bamboo needles (already in use) and some yummy chocolates and lolipops (already gone).

Thanks so much, Bertha for all of the great stuff. This coming Thursday is knit night and I'll be taking the bag and the socks in progress with me.



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