5 And A Beagle

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

Friday, October 14, 2005

My Kingdom for a Camera 

My son took the digital camera with him when he went back to Victoria on Tuesday and I'm lost without it. I'd hoped to take a bunch of pictures to tide me over until he came back, but I just didn't have the time. Between 1/2 a day of weeding the gardens at the high school, sewing some more goodies for backtack, cleaning the house for Thanksgiving guests and cooking a turkey dinner, I didn't get organized with the camera.

I received some Knitpicks yarn from Stacey of Stacey's Corner Cafe about a week ago. She had a contest on her blog and I, the lucky winner, received some beautiful "Hydrangea" Merino yarn with which I've started on my very first pair of socks.

I also received a package from Kath at Red Current. She had some of the lovely items made for the local school's Spring Fair that she generously swapped for fabric remnants. A cute handmade 'Kroo' softy, an apron just right for my #5, some bath salts, handmade cards and a soothing lavender sachet.

Then there's the package just received from Knitpicks. Some "Colour Your Own" lace weight Merino (880 yards for only 3.49) and a few skeins of lace weight Alpaca/Silk blend in the colour "Maple Leaf" (440 yards for only 4.99)- all for my backtack partner. Ohhh so nice. I've almost been tempted to put the sock aside and crack open the Maple Leaf for myself.

Either I have to borrow a camera from someone, or hang on until next Friday until my son comes back with his. Oh well, it is his so I guess he's entitled to take it with him.



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