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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Best Foot Forward 

What a process, trying to get everything to come together.
:: First get my hands on a camera. - Thanks to my mother-in-law, I now have use of a digital camera.
:: Get the pictures loaded on to the computer. - Thanks to the technical wizardry of my husband, I now (he now) can load them on to the computer.
:: Find the time to post. - Well, that's all in my hands isn't it.

Who's got the time when you're working five days a week, doing the regular day to day household stuff, helping kids (actually, 1 kid) with homework. By the time I have time, I'm too tired. But here finally, the finished socks.

And who's feet should they belong to?
#5 who uses them as a swiffer picking up dog hair from the floor as she skates around on the hardwood?
#4 who may just loose them in the mess that is her bedroom?
Or me, who will only wear them once the floors have been vacuumed and who will always put them in a safe spot when they're not on her feet.

And here, while we're showing off the family feet - is Miles.

Doesn't he look exhausted? He just got back from 4 hours at the doggy salon. I didn't stick around to watch the process, but I'm sure he enjoyed a relaxing soak in the tub, a little grooming and a session with the resident pedicurist.

Miles is a rottweiler dressed as a beagle. I'm always worried when I bring him places, because I just can't be sure how he'll react to people. The groomers said he was just fine. Quieter than they expected - apparently other beagles tend to howl in protest when they get groomed. Miles just resigned himself to putting up with it all, so they said. But obviously he was just bottling it up inside and saving it for some unsuspecting person. As soon as we left the shop and made our way to the car, he went bananas on the first poor soul that had the misfortune to walk towards us. Then when we got home, he and his freshly buffed nails had a long nap.

My backtack parcel arrived and I received a lovely bag and lots of great stuff from Bertha. Tomorrow - pictures of all of the goodies as well as a progress shot on the socks I've already started from the sock yarn she sent.



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