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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Perils of the Great Outdoors 

There are a lot of silly things to watch out for when you walk out the front or back door around here.

Like the time we heard a commotion outside the front door, only to open it and see not a raccoon as expected, but a bear rummaging through our garbage. Or the time #5 was coming home and a skunk crossed her path. Then of course there was the angry woodpecker that was pecking away at the facia above the front entrance. Or the time, shortly after we'd moved in to the neighbourhood, when the squirrel that #3 and I had been throwing nuts to decided that he wanted to come into the house. Luckily I managed to slam the screen door before he could get in, but he scampered up the screen and stared at us angrily for some time. I think it was then that I started looking at those cute puffy tailed creatures as just big rats with fluffy tails. No longer the cute little critters like Chip and Dale, but just plain old rodents.

Every fall, #4 is reluctant to be the first one out the front door for fear that she'll be passing through a newly spun spider's web. Of course the rest of us tease her and mock her fear. That was until I came within inches of walking into this one outside the kitchen door when I was going out to take pictures of the backtack parcel.

It still creeps me out just looking at the picture. I can't imagine why #4 is afraid of spiders. Did I mention that I HATE SPIDERS!!! Could it be she picked it up from me. Okay, I admit it. I've screamed and jumped up on the furniture when one has meandered across the floor. I know that as the kids were growing up I should have acted brave, not made a big deal about it, but I'm afraid I couldn't do it and so as a result I've raised two girls who are almost as squeamish as me.

I did finally get out onto the porch to take the photos, although they aren't as nicely set up as I would have liked. (I think I was still a bit distracted)

A close up of the roll used to hold some secret goodies.....

And if you're curious enough to look further, here more or less is the complete package. Knitting bag filled with "stuff", a small pouch with a couple of patterns and other "stuff", and the rolled up 'Roll', yet again, filled with "stuff".



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