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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A New (to me) Discovery 

I just discovered some podcasts on knitting. Thanks to a post from Katrina I've just spent the last few hours knitting yet another one of a pair of socks while listening to people talk about knitting. Something that illicited much eye-rolling in the household. Apparently some members of the family felt that it would be more exciting to spend the evening watching the Canucks' game.

Check out Katrina's links on her 11/30 post. Some fun listening while doing just about anything. (maybe even while watching a hockey game?) The only thing I have yet to co-ordinate would be to listen to podcasts while simultaneously knitting and riding the stationary bike. I'm feeling a little guilty about the amount of me that fills the chair when I sit down. Exercise while knitting - is it possible?

Still no functioning camera/downloading system so all of the pictures I have taken are in limbo for a while longer. Imagine if you will, a pair of fuzzy feet similar to this pair made for myself back in the spring, only in denim blue with a little multi-coloured trim for dear #5's petite little feet. Or perhaps a pair of socks in the yarn sent to me by Bertha for Backtack II. Or perhaps the view from my office window of the mountains with a fresh dusting of snow. Or maybe even a picture of Miles looking very guilty after having pulled down and devoured a freshly made struedel from the counter. Yes, all fun shots that must for now, be left to the imagination.

And here, because even when the camera download doesn't work the scanner still does, is the sock yarn that I recently purchased with the intention of knitting up 5 pair of socks for stocking stuffers at Christmas. Yes, this Christmas. A mere 25 days away. Let's see, that's 1 pair every 5 days - call me crazy.

Time for a couple more rows, then off to bed. The company I work for relocated out to a new facility a further 20km away and I am now starting work at 6:30 am so as to be able to pick up my youngest from school in the afternoon. Getting up at 5:00 am is no fun. I think I just may wear out the snooze button.

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