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Monday, September 28, 2009

Eat, Drink and Be Married! 

Eat, Drink and Be Married.....that was the theme for the weekend here at 5 and A Beagle as we gathered in picturesque Parksville to celebrate the wedding of these two special people.

The surroundings were breathtaking, the weather perfect and we now are blessed with a lovely new aunt / sister-in-law!

A pair of previously blogged about socks were made for the bride and groom, but I neglected to take any new pictures prior to wrapping them while they were in their little bride and groom sock bands. A little something from the yarn obsessed sister to keep their feet warm now that the weather has made a definite change towards fall.

Also missed from the photo-taking was a toque made for #3 while I was sitting in the ferry line up. Who knew there'd be so many fellow travelers in the middle of a Friday afternoon. My brother, mother, #5 and I set off to catch the 12:30 ferry only to find upon arrival at the terminal, that the 12:30 was full and we might get on the 3:00. A panicked phone call was placed to #2 and #4 to hustle their behinds down to the terminal so that they wouldn't end up relegated to the next sailing at 5:00.

#2 was smart enough to make a last minute reservation that guaranteed his passage on the 3:00 so we shuffled passengers around so that the groom, best man and mother of the groom would at least make it over to the island in time for the wedding rehearsal. As the vehicles loaded onto to the ferry shortly before 3:00, #4 and I slowly made our way through the lineup, closer and closer to loading, fingers crossed that we'd make it onboard with the rest of the family. But with just two other cars in front of us, the ferry reached its capacity, the loading ramp came up and the doors closed. So close! Next ferry.... 5:00pm.

Luckily for us, they added an additional sailing due to the heavier than expected volume. So with enough time for a quick trip to Starbucks in Horseshoe Bay for a nice, warm chai tea latte, we managed to set sail at 4:00. Between the time spent waiting and the almost two hour sailing time, I finished a Laire Toque with a skein and a half of Noro Silk Garden in a black/grey/beige colourway. Sure to keep his noggin warm this winter. Socks have been put on a temporary hold while I whip up two more toques for his travel companions.



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